Diamond DA50: The Beauty in the Beast

The Diamond DA50 is a beast of an aircraft when you consider it is a single-engine airplane and not a turboprop!

The Diamond DA50 RG in flight
Credit: Diamond Aircraft

Matt Thurber, Editor-in-Chief at AIN (Aviation International News), has a great write-up about this Jet-A burning magic carpet. His comprehensive article about this Diamond answers all of your performance and capability questions.

You’ll appreciate his writing style; he takes technical information and writes an easy-to-read story. By the time I finished reading about his experience with the DA50, I felt like I was sitting in the backseat of the airplane as he pointed out the stick on the left, the Garmin G1000 MFD on the panel and the scenery below Portland, Oregon.

Read AIN’s Matt Thurber’s take on the Diamond DA50.

Buying a Diamond DA50

If you’re thinking about buying a Diamond DA50, the leading U.S. authorized dealer for Diamond aircraft, Premier Aircraft Sales is right around the corner from Pompano Beach Airpark at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport. With locations in Texas and Massachusetts as well as Florida, Premier has you covered throughout the Eastern and Southeastern United States. 

For more information about Diamond Aircraft, call 954-771-0411 or email to sales@flypas.com.

Hangar Storage for your Diamond Aircraft

You’ll definitely want to consider storing your airplane in a hangar when not flying on a daily basis. Although it is thought that composite aircraft are immune to salt air, current corrosion research suggests otherwise. Also, the heat in South Florida rises quickly and beats down on that wonderful leather interior and high-end avionics in the Diamond.

Hangaring your plane is the best option.

pompano hangars available for your Diamond

When thinking about aircraft storage in South Florida, you’re faced with high demand and low inventory.

For the Diamond DA50, with its 44′ wingspan and length just over 30′ you’ll want a large T-hangar, a modified medium T-hangar or shared Box Hangar space.

Pompano Beach Airpark has tie-down outside, T-hangars of various sizes and corporate Box Hangars. However, the shared hangar space in Box Hangars is more readily available than any of the other types of hangars.

Otherwise, ramp space will have to do. Ramp space on a transient or monthly basis is usually available.

If ramp space is not an option and the hangar you want isn’t immediately available, add your name to one of the Wait Lists. When hangar space opens up, first come is first served.

Consider hangaring your airplane with us at Pompano Hangars, LLC.

Give us a call and let us know when you’ll be here. If we can’t help you, our trusted contacts on the field may be able to do so.

Diamond DA50RG
Credit: Diamond Aircraft